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Barley Cretan Rusk (Dakos) with fresh tomato, sour mizithra cheese, caper, and olives

Santorini beans (Fava) with fresh onion, sweet pepper leaves, and marinated anchovies

Santorini beans (Fava) mixed with tomato sauce and Santorini tomatinios

Dolmadakia Yalantzi: Stuffed Cabbage leaves with rice, and lemon sauce flavoured with fennel

Sarikopites- Kallitsounia: Handmade small stuffed pies with sour mizithra cheese

Kallitsounia: Handmade small stuffed pies with wild herbs, stamnagathi, leek, spinach, and fennel

Santorini tomato-balls with onion rings and yoghurt sauce

Chick pea-balls with lemon sauce, yoghurt, and cumin

Thin-sliced pork smoked with herbs

Smoked handmade pork sausage with Lasithi fried potatoes, sauce, and pelted mustard

Pasturma: Rolls

Snails cooked with vinegar and rosemary

Baked Graviera Cretan cheese with honey

Wine leaves stuffed with sardinnes, oregano, and other herbs

Fried Vegetables with rosemary and Cretan balsamic vinegar sauce

Hebrew eggplant with tomato, sour mizithra cheese cream, and basil

Omelette with fresh goat butter (staka) and fresh tomato

Omelette with tihin sliced smoked pork sausage

Tzatziki with stamnagathi (Cretan Herb) and almonds



Katsourbos: Fresh stamnagathi (Cretan herb), pomegranate, almonds, figs, and mizithra cheese

Light boiled Cretan Vegetables, baked courgettes, eggplant with lemon vinaigrette and fresh tomatoes

Rose-sliced tomato, with fresh mint and mizithra cream cheese

Lettuce and stamnagathi (Cretan herb) inside a Parmeggane and Graviera nest with citrus fruits and thyme

Boiled potato with egg, mizithra, tomato, onion, olives, vinegar, and oil

Orange salad with onions, anithole, and olives

Grand variety of legumes with fresh onions, artichoke, dill, and sun-dried octopus from the Libyan archipelagos of Crete

Main Dishes


Lamb with lemon sauce and Stamnaghathi (Cretan Herb)

Natural reserve chicken with sage, and mashed potato

Pork with french fries cooked with wine and rosemary (tigania)

Sfakian wedding pilaf with goat meat

Sfakian wedding pilaf with natural reserve rooster meat.

Beef Meatballs with Cretan feta cheese sauce, red sweet peppers of Florina, and Lasithi fried potatoes

Pie from Chandaka with marrow, potatoes, and mizithra

Handmade pasta with grape sweet, spices, and apaki (smoked pork with spices and herbs)

Marinated lamb-chops with fresh oregano and french fries

Chicken-filet with fresh potatoes or vegetables or mashed potato

Pork steak with french fries or mashed potato or fried vegetables

Handmade pasta with stamnagathi, staka, and mizithra (Cretan cheese)

Rooster cooked in wine with handmade pasta and dried ricotta

Meatballs with Kaydani (leek with celery)

Handmade pasta with tomato sauce and mizithra (Cretan cheese)

Botsanakia (meatballs wrapped with eggplant and tomato sauce)



Ice Cream with sage

Sfakianopitta and Kallitsounia stuffed with Mizithra cream cheese, Cretan honey sauce, nuts, and pouppy seed

Ice cream with sweet bread bun, biscuit crumbs, and dried caramel nuts

Daily Sweets



Organic Red and White wine from Archanes (Crete)

Glass of wine

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